08 December 2009

Tina's vacation in Jamaica !

So I arrived at Montego Bay airport and left at the Kingston airport..it was like a cross country trip..lol. My favorite places were Ocho Rios, the beaches there are amazing ! And Clarendon where some of the people I love live. Kingston is more like a party place and Montego Bay is more for relaxing.I love Spanish Town ! If you haven't visited Jamaica I suggest you go there ! I felt relaxed the whole time. I wanna go again and again..lol.
Overall my vacation was great. Worst part about it was my camera. I couldn't even get to take a picture of myself without the batteries going low so I just tried my best to take pictures of the scenery instead. Whenever I'm on vacation I never take pictures so I miss out on having photo memories of my trip. It may seemed like I took alot of pictures but the camera kept going out so I'd have to wait like 10-20 minutes or even an hour or two before taking more pictures again. At the end of the trip my camera finally died out while I was on the airplane in Kingston. Thanks to Jet Blue ! Air Jamaica isn't what it use to be. The prices aren't good anymore. I always use to take Air Jamaica but now I'm done with them until they can have better prices. I miss my Big Foot. That's my favorite chips to eat while in Jamaica. It is not sold anywhere else but in Jamaica. I was unable to buy a bag of it since it was too late by the time I wanted to. I was leaving the next day. I'm upset though since I love it so much. I wanna go back soon !

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  1. I want to live in the Montego Bay house! It´s so beautiful!