30 January 2010

The Love Within

Poem written By : Tina
Let me know what you think !
I wrote this November 24th but finally posted it. I've had one of my poems published before. I think this one is my best so far.

As you stare at the stars
I can see your eyes gazing at the view
I've never experienced this before
It must be something new
I knew once I met you
This was something true
I've seen it more clearly
I can see the better in you
Next day the sun shines oh so brightly
You hold me in your arms oh so tightly
We lay on the bed and you gaze in my eyes
You know you were in love
It didn't take you by surprise
We knew what was next
We kissed and closed our eyes


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    it's sweet. not for the bitter type. lol. sounds like you're in a good place and happy. =D

  2. This is beautiful.