07 January 2010

Tina's Birthday Giveaway

I'm so happy today's My Birthday ! January 7 ! I decided to celebrate by having a giveaway. The prizes are brushguards.

How to enter :
All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog post saying "Tina enter me please !"
2nd way -(optional)If you want you can also guess my ethnicity but you can enter as many times as you want. The person who can guess my ethnicity will automatically be one of the winners.

Since you need brushes to do your makeup,protecting them is a good way so they can last long.I love my brushguards.They come in different sizes for any type of makeup brushes you may have.You can also use the brushguards when washing your brushes.That way it can protect the handle of your brush from getting wet.

COMMENT on this POST to enter ! Comment saying " Tina enter me please ! "


  1. Tina enter me please!

  2. First of all Happy Birthday! You´re so cute giving these amazing things to us :)

    And yes, Tina enter me please! I follow you, of course ;)

    Well, I´m gonna be brave and try to guess your ethnicity: yes, you´re jamaican, but I think you´re also Puerto Rican :)

    I´m so excited about this contest!!

  3. Tina please enter me .. i love your youtube videos :) ..
    i think your Jamaican , but also a bit , Portuguese ? x

  4. Tina enter me please! another contest? your great hun.
    happy belated birthday, sorry i wasn't online yesterday !
    loads of love to youuu ! ida

    and your ethnicity... JAMAICAN! yout hot! :)

  5. Happy Belated birthday;

    and also; tina enter me please!

    Also; I'm following you! Follow me back if you want =)


  6. Happy belated birthday; hope you had fun. please enter me ^_^