31 May 2010

Straight Hair Routine by Tina..*

This is my straight hair routine that I do when my hair is straight. It's simple and I don't put alot of products in my hair. The less products, the better.

Products Used :

- IC Hair Polisher (can be found at beauty/hair stores)
- Flat Irons
The Pink Flat Iron (I forgot where I got it from.)
The other one is from flatironexperts.com
coupon code:TINA (5% off)
- Eden Allure Moroccan Argon Oil from edenallure.com
- KQC Heat Protectant from flatironexperts.com

The only thing I would buy from flatironexperts is the KQC Heat Protectant cause it really works, that is my first ever heat protectant. I never used one before. So if your gonna use my coupon code buy the heat protectant.

My Aunt Violet's hair. I love it ! It's hot ! My hair is long though but this is a cute style if you have short hair.

My Aunt again.

My Aunt and her grand son Ethan.

Day 23 of Project 365

♡ Tina ♡

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