04 June 2010


This is my review on different pizza restaurants.

Papa Johns
I recently ordered from Papa Johns a couple days ago I got a large pizza that was very expensive. The only reason I ordered over the phone was because my internet wasn't working. There pizza size is the same size as a Dominoes pizza except Dominoes is less and the crust is better ! The crust on this pizza was too hard to chew. When I eat pizza I wanna eat everything so the crust was terrible.

Pizza Hut
Now Pizza Hut pizzas are way too small plus expensive, they would come 2nd expensive next to Papa Johns being the most expensive. There pizza is okay, it's cheesy but I don't remember it so it's not memorable.

My favorite pizza restaurant to order from ! I love it because it's the cheapest and always has the best coupons on the site or on a coupon site. They deliver quickly and you can even have someone go there pay for it and they will deliver it to you. I did it when my hubby was out driving around so I asked him to buy me pizza, he was busy working but Dominoes still delivered it to me and my hubby paid for it. They have the best crust I've ever tasted and they have all types of different pizzas to choose from.

This is my Dominoes favorites !

Cheesy Bread
Pepperoni Pizza
Parmesan ChickenSandwich

I can eat the Parmesan sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner ! My boyfriend even got angry cause I didn't give him any when I ordered. He was so upset over a freakkin sandwich ! lol That's how good it is !

So if you want good deals order from Dominos !

Day 26 of Project 365

♡ Tina ♡

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