23 July 2010

Good Luck for Me ◕‿◕

I've been getting a lot of good luck lately ! I had someone just call me in to come in for a job interview just now so I'm about to get ready and go. They said I can come in today or tomorrow but I'll try and make it today since it's best to be an early bird, I don't want anyone else to get this job position. It's been tough finding the right job even though I worked as a personal assistant a couple days ago but after working there the boss didn't call me back nor returned my phone calls so I'm just on to the next. I can't work for someone any longer who is gonna ignore me. He paid me for my time though.

So yea this is just a quick little blog to update you on what's going on. I'll be getting my own place once I make enough money to move out. I'm so excited since I have lived on my own before in Upstate Ny. It wasn't bad but that place is boring.

★ Tina ★

Day 60

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