10 July 2010

Tina's Advice #4

So I received a message on my youtube from a girl asking for help. She had sex with her boyfriend and she think she might be pregnant.

Here's her dilemma :

can u help me plz

ok listen
2 weeks ago I had sex with my boyfreind without condom
I don't take the pill
but he was careful if u know what I'm sayin...
and 2 days before we had sex I had my last menstruation

but after a few days I felt a bit bad an tired and I still feel this way

I made a pregnancy test after skool today and it was negative
but I read that u should do it in the mornin and that u should do it at the first day ur mestruation fall out

Do u think that I still could be pregnant

My response :

I think you should wait a bit and re-take the test at a clinic. Doctors will always know so the best way is to get tested at a hospital. If you don't see your menstrual cycle for awhile then definetly get tested again. Pregnancy tests can test negative at first sometimes or you can even try Clear Blue Pregnancy Test.

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