18 July 2010

Tina's Beauty Essentials

So to start off my day everyday I usually use these products, there my faves. !

- MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - my fave foundation since it provides full coverage

- MAC Studio Tech Foundation - just started using this and I like it too I'm not a big fan of powder foundations though

- MAC Painterly Paint Pot - what I love about this is it's a nude paint pot so it's good for any skin tone and it makes my eyeshadow last long

- MAC Tippy Hello Kitty Blush L.E. - this is a limited edition product so I'm mad at that since I love it oh so much

- MAC Pink Venus Lipglass - I love this ! It smells so good too and I love the light baby pink color !

- Baby Phat Parfume - This perfume is so lovely ! It has an elegant smell to it, like lady like.

- Mary Kay Sunscreen - Since it's summer right now I've been using this a lot cause I don't want a tan. I use it for my face in the mornings.

- Nicka K Mascara - This mascara is clear which I love ! I'm not a big fan of mascara, I prefer fake lashes so I usually use this when I wear fake lashes.

Day 56

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