25 July 2010

Wisdom Tooth

My wisdom tooth is the worst pain I've ever felt. I'm using orajel to numb the pain but it's not working. I really want an injection, that would make me feel better right now. My gum where my wisdom tooth is growing in is bleeding. I tried eating and it was so hard, I really didn't enjoy what I was trying to eat. Tomorrow I'm suppose to get paid at work but I arrived late today so I might have to leave tomorrow or maybe not, it's up to the head office. I'm really worried cause the boss told me they can let me go if I'm late 2 days in a row but I haven't been late for 2 days so I'm crossing my fingers and praying.

Me and my bf got into an argument a couple days ago, I don't know if he'll be back cause he packed his stuff and left. He called me a bitch so I kicked him out. I don't want any guy to treat me like a piece of shit cause I'm more than that, much more than that ! I hope we resolve the situation, he said he won't apologize but he's gonna say sorry, he needs to respect me cause that one word he called me is a lot of damage to our relationship alone.

Day 62

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