08 August 2010

Medical School / My New Company

Yesterday I started my own company. Right now there are 2 people in it(myself & someone else), tomorrow I will be interviewing the third person that wants to join. Our company will remain a secret right now since I don't wanna say as yet. I will explain more about it once it takes off since I'm just starting out. Hopefully this coming week we can get everything started and make some money this week(crosses fingers).

Next I have medical school to start on August 14th which is coming closer everyday. I can't wait to get started but I will also be working at my new company while doing it so this will be a lot of work. I've always wanted to start my own business so now that I'm making steps towards it I feel so good and motivated. I'll have school and work to do but nothing is ever easy so I'm ready for anything that happens as it comes.

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