22 August 2010

Soaps & all that lush..!

Food that I cooked. I made my food green !

I'll have a new line of soaps, facial scrubs, lotions and etc....coming out soon. So far I'm testing out making soaps and facial scrubs. The soap is missing one ingredient that I will buy soon once I find where it is sold. For the facial scrubs yesterday I made a sugar scrub that's yellow/green mixed with Virgin Coconut Oil and Canola Oil. My boyfriend tested it out on his face. He said it gave his face a smooth, soft feeling after he used it. Once I buy the missing ingredient for the soap I'll be posting pictures of my results soon. I will be opening an online store on this site once everything is complete. I even have a store that is interested in buying my products and selling them in there store once I finish making them so I'm exicted ! They told me once I'm ready let them know so they can buy them from me.

Day 79

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