10 October 2010

Halloween Tutorial : Turn into a BLOODY ZOMBIE

Here are all the products I used & alternatives :

- Elmer's School Glue(this is washable, safe & non-toxic)
- Toilet Paper(use a good brand, cheap toilet paper will rip easily)
- Red Food Coloring
- Red Lipstick
- MAC Blue Brown Pigment L/E (any brown e/s will do)
- MAC Carbon E/S (any black e/s will work)
- MAC Painterly Paint Pot(you can use any primer/any base)
- ELF, Eco Tools & BH Cosmetic Brushes
- MAC Duo Adhesive(eyelash glue)
- End of a Cotton Swab or Toothpick(use the toothpick it's better)
- Profound Cosmetics Travel Make Up Kit (I used all types of colors from this palette.)
- Arts & Crafts Paints(I will use this for actual Halloween day, this is another alternative instead of eyeshadow.)
- Fake Bloody Teeth(alternative instead of using red lipstick on your teeth)
- Blow Dryer (use this instead of waiting 30 mins-1hr)

This is not in the video but to complete the look you could wear a black cloak, all black,
a leather black vest or hoodie.

Use lots of brown/grey/black, you can use other colors but those colors make the
zombie look more zombish.

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