23 November 2010

Coach Handbag

Coach Hand Bag

I'm loving this Coach Hand Bag ! Given to me by my sister in the army, as a gift. She's addicted to Coach ! I love this bag soooo much ! I really didn't care too much for handbags and would never buy a hand bag too expensive except when I really want a cute hand bag then I'll spend high but she buys new hand bags very often ! As soon as she sees a Coach store she wants to go there and shop !

I received this bag months ago when she came to visit me. I've been planning to do a review for awhile. Here's my review : this bag keeps up very well since it's very strong and is cute with any outfit I wear, very versatile. If you ever decide to buy a bag I'd say to get a neutral coloured bag to go with any outfit, this one is perfect for any outfit !

Ehat are your fav. handbags ? Any that you like but can't seem to afford ? I know I love hand bags but I'd rather spend that money on clothing/food. I'm more of a fashion addict than a bag junkie.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. * Kisses * xx

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