11 November 2010

Craigslist Hacker

Beaware of this CRAIGSLIST HACKER !
I received an email from this email acting like Craigslist.com.
They said my account has been inactive for 99 days(which is impossible
since I use Craigslist almost every day).
They told me to go to the url below and sign in.


I didn't sign in, I want to warn you if you use Craigslist, beaware
of this scam.
This is there email address(fake/fraud), it looks like craigslist but it is not.
They set it that way so you can think it's Craigslist.


They might look REAL but there completely fake !
Never enter your password to any email that asks for it.
I've even had an African woman trying to scam me to send a laptop
I was selling to her son in Nigeria. What was strange to me was how
she was telling me to ship it to him and all these crazy stuff. I never
accepted her fraud scam, she even tried to act like Paypal.

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