11 February 2011

MacBook Pro or MacBook Air ?

MacBook Air

Hey everyone ! After about 4 or 5 years I'm getting a new laptop I'm going with Apple ! Over the years I've tried a lot of different brands of laptops, in 2007 I tried about 3 or 4 different laptops all of them failed me, I had return all of them then I finally found the one that worked perfect for me which is what I have now, my Toshiba Satellite A125. This laptop has lasted so long over the years, but last year it started to break down slowly(literally)! A couple keys from the keyboard fell out but they all still work fine except the "W" key I have no idea why then the screen went dark so now I'm using an external screen for that. Overall, I wish I would of sold this before it reached this point.

Now though I'm going to be getting a MacBook, maybe a Pro or Air...there both very similar but very different.The biggest downfall about the MacBook Air is that it's missing the disk player but I really like how it's thin and light. Now the MacBook Pro weighs a bit more but has a disk player plus so much more. The Air is of course cheaper but I think I'll be going with the MacBook Pro. I've been trying to make a decision for awhile now, I don't wanna make the wrong decision so I've been reading reviews/watching videos and even went directly to the Apple store to test them both out. When I tested them out I found that they seemed pretty much the same so I think I'll go with the MacBook Pro. I'm ready to switch over from a PC to a MAC ! Lol

In your opinion which is better the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air ?

Testing out the iPad. Very fun but useless, don't buy this. I wouldn't recommend it unless you can afford it and you wanna buy it just for the heck of it.

My bf playing games on the MacBook.

Loving this keyboard, it's so lightweight !

I'm going to be buying the super mouse also when I purchase the MacBook Pro, it's really nice. It looks/feels very fragile though.

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