24 May 2011

How To : Become A Licensed Security Guard in New York City

Would you like to become a Security Guard also known as a "Security Officer" ? Well here are the steps to becoming a Security Guard. These steps apply to most states but since I have a license from New York this would more relate to people in New York regarding the addresses and links provided in this post. If you live in the NYC area you can visit this site for more information : http://www.dos.state.ny.us/

To become a Licensed Security Guard you will have to take the required classes needed to receive the license which are the 8 Hour & 16 Hour security classes. I went to a security school that offered everything so I didn't have to go elsewhere to get fingerprinted and paperwork for my license. I will tell you more about that as I go on. Let's get started.....

1) First you will have to take the 8 Hour Pre-Assignment course which cost $25, it's about 40 minutes then you will take the test to receive your 8 Hour Security Certificate. During this class the teacher will take about different topics regarding how to be a security guard and just basic stuff you need to know then you will receive the test when it's close to the end of the class. The class was quicker than I expected and I passed the test. If you don't pass don't worry you will be able to re-take the test. It's basic questions which require common sense so you won't even most likely fail.

2) Next you will have to take the 16 Hour On The Job(O.J.T.) which is a 2 day class. This class costs $75. Day 1 will consist of over an half hour of talking from the class teacher then Day 2 will consist of more talking then you will take the test to receive your 16 Hour Security Certificate. Again this class is similar to the 8 Hour except it's more graphic and more details regarding topics in the security/criminal justice field. I took the test and passed.

3) Now that I have my 8 Hour & 16 Hour I was ready for the final step which is to apply for my Security License which requires fingerprinting, filling out documents, submitting copies of required documents(including the 8 & 16 Hour Certificates).

I did the fingerprinting at my school and filled out the documents also there but you can find the documents online. Here is the link to print out the required documents : http://www.dos.state.ny.us/forms/licensing/1206-f-l-a.pdf

4) (If your not in the NY area you will have to search online to find out where to send your money orders/checks).
The final step is sending the documents to NYS Department of State with two money orders of $36.00 to NYS Department of State and $105.00 to L1-Enrollment Services. L1-Enrollment Services will be doing a background check with your fingerprints you send in. Both money orders should be placed in an envelope and sent to NYS Department of State but the money orders should be made out to separate departments which I already mentioned.

Extra Tips/Theories
- If you have a criminal history and have a record DO NOT even bother applying to become a Security Guard, most people get denied and end up wasting there money.

- Don't expect to receive your Security Guard License in the mail ASAP, it will take awhile so be patient and you can call them or check on the site for your name by entering your state i.d. or drivers' license #. You can find out how to here : http://appext9.dos.state.ny.us/lcns_public/chk_load

- Save money by printing the require documents online for your security license. Here is the link to print the documents : http://www.dos.state.ny.us/forms/licensing/1206-f-l-a.pdf

- They will use your state i.d. or drivers' license photo for your security license.

- When you first receive your license you won't have to renew it until 2 years later. The fees you pay cover the license fee for 2 years but after that you will have to renew your license every two years for $25 which should be sent to NYS Department of State and you will also have to renew your 8 Hour Certificate every year.

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