20 June 2011

Can A 51 Year Old Legally Marry A 16 Year Old ?

Looking at these two couple Doug Hutchison "Green Mile" actor and singer Courtney Stodden you would think they look about the same age right ? But there not, there is a twist ! Courtney is 16 years old and Doug is 51 ! Are you freaking kidding me ?  Courtney looks about 30 or 40 ! Doug looks his age though. Courtney's mother Krista Stodden signed the marriage papers for consent of Courtney and Doug's marriage which I believe is crazy ! What mother would just let there daughter do this ? Is it for money ? Fame ? Attention ?

However when I think about Hugh Hefner it just doesn't seem that bad because this couple might actually be in love and the way Hugh Hefner has his women they just use him and basically have intercourse with him for money. It's clear to see with the Playboy's play girls.

Overall my question is : Is Courtney really 16 ? She looks very old ! If she is 16 that's kinda bad how old she looks.

Do you think Courtney looks 16 ?


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