21 October 2011

NEW video posted ! UPDATE : Tina's back !

NEW video posted on youtube ! LIKE it if you're subscribed to me or have a youtube/google account.

Yes I slack off a lot making videos but I will try my best this year(goal for the New Year). I actually did not post this video public. I posted it as unlisted then private but youtube made it public. I didn't know until I woke up this morning with comments on the video.
In the video I introduce my new kittens Sylvester and Shadow. I like to call them Sylvester boo and Shadow boo and I also like to call them Chipmunk because they give so much trouble like the Chipmunks. I'm a cat lover for all who didn't know. I'm an addict ! I've always had a cat even when I had other animals like dogs, birds, fishes and etc. I just think they're just really cute and clean.
Well make sure to LIKE the video and comment !

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