19 March 2012

Jamaican Passport Renewal

So you have a Jamaican Passport but it's time to renew it but you don't know how to ? Well I will provide all the steps/information on how to renew your Jamaican passport. I've helped several people with their passport renewal so I wanted to share this information. Here is Eric who I helped renew his Jamaican passport. These are photos of his new Jamaican passport and old Jamaican passport. You can renew your passport even if you have unlawful status.

To get your passport renewed you will have to follow the following steps below.

There are only 3 cities in the United States you can go to renew your Jamaican Passport. Those three cities are New York City, Miami and Chicago. Here are all the locations/information :

General Consulate of Jamaica in New York City
767 Third Ave, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10017-2993
Tel : (212)935-9000
Fax : (212)935-7507
Office Hours : Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Website : www.congenjamaica-ny.org

Consulate of Jamaica in Miami
Ingraham Bldg
25 S.E. Second Ave, Miami FL 33131
Tel : (305)374-8431
Fax :(305)577-4970
Website : www.jamaicancgmiami.org

Jamaica Consulate in Chicago
4655 South Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Suite 201
Chicago, Illinois 60653
Website : www.jamaicanconsulatechicago.org

If you don't live near to any of those locations you can mail or fax them your application. I wouldn't recommend these methods but if it's your only option then make sure to fill out the application precisely with the exact information needed. Faxing would be your best option if you can't make it to any of the offices but it's best that you try your best to make it in person to avoid any complications because sometimes they can be so picky about how they want the photo. I will explain more about that as I continue to explain the rest of the steps.

1) Before you mail, fax or go to any of the offices MAKE SURE that you prepare the following :
- $110 (price might change but this was the price at the time)
- Expired Passport
- Birth Certificate
- 2 Identical Photographs(Non-colored) which ONE should be NOTARIZED(I will explain more about this.)
These below are NOT necessary to bring if your not married, ever been adopted or divorced.
- Marriage Certificate(if you're married)
- Adoption Register(if you were adopted)
- Divorce Judgement(if you were divorced)

If you were born abroad and NOT in Jamaica in addition to the Birth Certificate these are what you would need :
- Certificate of Naturalization
- Letter of Certificate of of Citizenship
- Certificate of Registration

If you are a MINOR(under 18) it will be harder to renew your passport by yourself so you will need your parents with you plus all the documents I mentioned above.

The Jamaican Consulates are VERY STRICT on what types of photos they accept.
2) When you go to a photo store or a pharmacy to take photos you will need to make sure that the photographer edits your photo without the SHADOW in the back of your photo. When he takes your photo there will be a DARK SHADOW behind you but you probably won't notice it but this is a VERY BIG ISSUE for the Consulates of Jamaica, if you send or bring in that photo with the shadow un-edited they will reject it and tell you to re-take it. If you have long hair put your hair in a ponytail and if you have bangs comb it back out of your hair. Also if you wear glasses take it off, medicine glasses or any glasses are unaccepted by the Consulates of Jamaica, they would not accept it. The background of the photo should be completely white and your face/head position should be facing forward not leaning or anything like that.

The photo should be similar to these below.

Get Your Passport Photo NOTARIZED for FREE
3) One of the two passport photos MUST be notarized. To get your passport photo notarized you can notarize it at the consulate general but if you want to follow my way which is FREE you can stop by the bank(any bank) and notarize it there. You can also have a school official notarize it if you're still in school but the easiest ways are the bank or at the consulate general however I don't know if they charge a fee, I went to Bank of America across the street from the New York City Consulate of Jamaica and got one of the photos notarized.

Filling Out the Application Form
Perfecting your SIGNATURE ~ Put An Interesting JOB OCCUPATION
4) You can either PRINT THE FORM which is online at there websites or you can receive it when you go into the office. I would recommend printing the form to save time when you go in.
Here is the link to print the form online : http://www.congenjamaica-ny.org/Assets/pdf/JamaicaPassportApplicationForm.pdf

When filling out the passport renewel application form be sure to sign your signatures exactly same when your filling out the signature boxes. There very picky so they will want it to be almost exact. Now for the Job Occupation MAKE SURE to put your job your currently doing or if your not in a job put something interesting. Avoid putting construction worker. I saw a guy lie and put that, he made it up on the spot but is it really awesome to be remembered on your passport a construction worker ? LOL The passport will last 10 years so make it worthwhile.

You Get To Keep Your Old Passport
You will get to keep your old passport so no worries about losing it. They will just copy your old passport then stamp CANCELED all over it but it's easily removable to remove canceled, they will use ink but it's not permanent ink.

You will not receive a tracking number so if you would like to track your passsport package you will have to contact the Jamaica Consulate you send it to or use the receipt you receive and track by the reference number on the receipt.
Go to www.fedex.com
Then go to Track by Reference this is the link to the page : https://www.fedex.com/AltRefTracking
Leave the Account no. space blank and follow the photo I edited, enter whatever mentioned in the photo then click Track.

That's it ! Good luck on your journey to renewing your Jamaican passport ! Have any questions ? Leave it in the comments or email me through the "Contact" page.

I wrote this post on Eric's blog regarding this but wanted to re-write it here on my blog since I helped him receive his passport. You can view his post by clicking HERE but it will be similar to this.

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