16 March 2012

Robbie Velez and The Key To Rocket City

Hey everyone ! I will be recommending all my book lovers out there to read a really great book titled Robbie Velez and The Key To Rocket City. This book is an awesome book to read for teens and kids !

After reading this book I would say it's definitely worth reading ! As soon as I started reading it each paragraph lead me to read another and another and so on. The book starts off with Robbie, a young boy who's new in town and just started attending a new school. Robbie isn't too happy about all of these new changes at first but eventually this new beginning leads to an new exciting adventure !

This story will capture you like it did me. Want to read some of the book before buying ?
You can do so here on the website : http://www.robbievelez.com
The book has a 5 star positive rating on Amazon ! Everyone loves it !

You can sample free pages by either downloading them or reading the pages online.
You can purchase the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kindle e-book !
Don't have Kindle ? Well you're still in luck ! You can download Kindle FREE for PC, iPod, iPad and Android.

Order your copies today !

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