07 December 2012

Bubble Rush

At Bubblerush.com you can find all the fun bubblerush games to kill time especially if you're bored.
For me I like to play games sometimes throughout my day, when I travel for work or sometimes on my weekends if I'm free. The objective of most of the games on Bubblerush are to smash and explode as many bubbles as possible to clear the wall. The more bubbles you pop, the more points you gain. All you have to do is make sure you're aiming your bubble canon correctly so you can beat each round and clear the bubble wall.
This site offers fun and addictive bubble games ranging from; Easy and hard bubble games, puzzle bubble games, shooting bubble games, faces bubble games and much more. This funny game I played made me laugh while playing it because it was so fun, I even got my 2 year old niece who visited me today to play it for a bit. She enjoyed the game as well. For more :

Visit www.BubbleRush.com

List of the games available
Bubble Shooter, Bubble Trouble, Bongo Balls, Puzzle Soccer, Speedy Bubbles, Funny Bubbles, Bubble Spinner, Mario Bubbles, China Bubble, Fruit Bubble, Bubble Shooter 2, Bubble Struggle 2, Bubble Struggle 3, Magic Toy Factory, Spongebob Stone, Arrow Fruit, Shooter Woobies

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