23 March 2013

Watch Live TV Online

I found a relatively new website that I am currently loving, Yamgo TV which allows you to watch live tv online. If you love watching tv shows then you will love Yamgo ! Yamgo TV allows you the viewer access to watch over 120 free TV channels and even VOD clips. There are 6 different genres including Fashion, Music, Sports, News, Bollywood and Entertainment. You can use Yamgo to watch some of the best TV channels available like France 24 for live news at any time of the day and Fashion TV to watch all the latest runway shows and catwalk available.

Once you visit the site you will see an option to log in with Facebook which is fairly easy and takes just a few clicks. Once you are logged in with Facebook you can access some of the premium channels for free including Bollywood Action Movies and 4Music.

I love this site and highly recommend this to tv show lovers out there who love watching live tv.
Visit them at : www.yamgo.com

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