02 January 2014

52 Week Money Challenge

Happy New Year ! I hope everyone is doing well so far as the new year begins.
Guess what ?! I've decided to do the 52 Week Money Challenge ! This challenge is a way to help you save money throughout the year to buy something you really want at the end of the challenge or if you want to only save it then you can do that to. I want to try new things in this new year so this is my first new challenge I've decided to do. Want to join me ? Here are more details of this challenge :

There are 52 weeks in one year, that is the reason behind the name of the challenge. So each week you will deposit the number of the week into your savings account, jar, piggy bank or where ever you decide to save the money. For example this is the first week of the new year, so you will deposit $1.00 into your savings. In week two you will depoist $2.00, Week three will be $3, then Week four will be $4.00 and so on. The largest amount you will deposit will be $52 which will be the last week of this challenge. You can also change this challenge to your liking by starting backwards and depositing $52  then $51 then $50 and so on. Another way to do the challenge is to randomly choose whatever amount from the chart that you want to deposit for that week (Example : $1 for the 1st week, $5 for the 2nd week, $20 for the 3rd week, $50 for the 4th week and so on.) Let the challenge work how it best fits you. At the end of the challenge you should have $1,378 saved. Wouldn't that be awesome ?! If you cannot save weekly then you can do it bi-weekly or monthly. Adjust the challenge to work best for you.

What will I use the money for ? I will use the money to buy my MacBook Pro or iMac that I've always wanted. I currently have a Macbook and want to upgrade cause my Macbook is giving me several issues. I can't use it without it being on a charger and a laptop fan has to be underneath it or it will get overheated and shut off. Also, it doesn't start up properly (I have to go into safe mode and enter a code to get it to move past the start up screen and onto the home screen.) My computer is really important to me as I'm using it to type this right now. I also thought of using it to get a Canon T3i, T4i or T5i. I'm not 100% sure what I will spend it on but I will be spending it on an electronic item that I really want. If I can stretch the money I just might end up with more than one item.

I hope you will join me ! There are two charts below that you can print either one and use a checklist. You can put a check next to each week/amount once it's complete.


  1. This is a good challenge!

  2. Good idea, would need to do something like this

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