28 December 2014

Eco Emi Review | Eco Friendly Products

Eco Emi is a company that offers a monthly subscription box which features eco friendly products which are eco-friendly, all natural, vegetarian, animal conscious, free-trade products.
You can sample new products to see what you like before ever buying the full size product.
Eco Emi researches all the companies that features products in their box to ensure that they support the same beliefs as Eco Emi and their products are 100% natural.
Eco Emi introduces products that support a natural and healthy lifestyle.
I think this company offers a great way to find new natural products that you can fall in love with. If you're someone that lives a similar lifestyle or trying to change your current lifestyle then I would suggest trying these products. I would definitely recommend this company to someone who would love to try out eco-friendly/natural products like these. You just might end up loving a couple products or every product featured in the box ! :-)
Visit them at EcoEmi.com
As of today as I make this post the current cost for the box is $15 for anyone who lives in the USA and $27 if you live outside the USA.

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