22 December 2014

Skoshbox Review | Japanese Treats & Snacks

I received the December 2014 Skoshbox which is a monthly subscription box that contains Japanese snacks and treats which some taste really good and some are not so great. You get to sample a taste of Japan at your doorstep ! You can choose between a monthly plan, six month plan or a yearly plan which are all affordable. All the plans renew each month but you are free to cancel at anytime. Besides joining the subscription you can also purchase individual snacks if you end up loving a certain snack or just want to try a specific snack you see on their site. Besides the Skoshbox they also have the DekaBox which offers full sized snacks instead of the sample sized that they originally offer. Read below for my full review of every item I received in this month's box.

The snacks arrived in this brown box with the Skoshbox logo.
         I like how it was packed securely and easy to unbox.
                                Shipping was pretty fast !

Umaibo Salad
After trying all these snacks I ended up loving the Umaibo Salad !
It's a puffed corn snack which tastes like a regular cheese snack in America but way better or
like 'Big Foot' which is a Caribbean snack you can only buy on certain Carribean islands.
This is definitely a snack I would want as a gift since it's addicting to me now.
This would be my favorite out of all the treats I tried in the Skoshbox !
Poteko Rings
I didn't like these at all. It tasted like eating cheeros cereal with no milk. I wouldn't recommend anyone trying these unless you have no taste then this might be something you would love.
Caramel Pretz Pie
"Flaky Pie Style Caramel Pretz Sticks"
This was my second favorite snack from the Skoshbox. I am a fan of caramel so this tasted
really good to me. It's like pretzels without a lot of sugar. I like how they balanced out the flavor of this, it's sweet but it's not too sweet so it's just right !  

           Calpis Marshmallow
   "Marshmallow Bites with Calpis filling"
 These are good but I am not a super fan of marshmallows with cream inside of it. In this case it had "Calpis" filling insde it. If that wasn't inside these marshmallows then I would of loved it more. Other than that these are really good for a quick snack !

Nori Senbei
"Seaweed Wrapped Shoyu Rice Cracker"
To me this doesn't really have a taste. It's kind of hard and tasteless.
I would say this is like eating a soft cracker with no taste. I wouldn't purchase
this if I had to choose from all these snacks to buy.

          Super Soda Hard Candy  & Super Mario Gum
"Intense Soda Coating and Filling"

The Super Mario Gum tastes nice. It's worth trying again ! The Super Soda Hard Candy has a powerful sour taste which eventually goes
away as you have it in your mouth longer it starts to taste better. When I tasted it at first I had to take it out of my mouth because the flavor was so strong. After trying it again it started to taste better, it was actually good.
 It has that shock flavor effect if you wanna try something that will make you say 'WOW' !

Bubble Gum Balls
Love these ! Not minty or too much flavor, more like something to chew on if
you want to chew some gum that isn't super strong. These come in assorted flavors, yogurt or cola.
I would highly recommend trying out Skoshbox ! I know there's a snack in every box that any person will taste and love because I ended up loving most of the products but mainly I fell in love with the Umaibo Salad. I would like to get the 'Salad' flavor again as well as try out other flavors of the Umaibo because it is my main favorite in this box. The Caramel Pretz Pie would come in second place as my second favorite snack that I really enjoyed.
Visit them at SkoshBox.com

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