08 May 2010

Day 1 : Project 365

I've started Project 365 ! Other bloggers are doing it so I thought hey let me join in ! lol So basically what this project is about is blogging everyday for 365 days but also posting a picture everyday you blog. This is day 1 !

These are some treats I've been loving lately, they taste so good ! Sadly there not sold everywhere, the company's name is Trader Joe's, I got these from my mum in Manhattan, NYC. If your in NYC this is definitely a place to stop by, they have the BEST TASTING COOKIES and CREME BRULE !

This tastes basically like icecream with a twist !

I had to eat one as soon as I opened it ! lol

Here are the cookies oh so yummy !

Trader Joe's are located in other places but not everywhere so you can check there site or google.

364 more days to go !

♥ Tina ♥

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