04 May 2010

♥ LUSH Review ♥

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Tina's Review

So I love LUSH and stopped by when I went to the mall. I picked up some free samples I wanted to test out. Here's my review after using everything :


Big Shampoo
I love this shampoo so much it smells great and lathers nicely. It's a favorite of many gurus/bloggers and now mine ! It feels like sea salt and has a nice fresh smell to it. It's not too strong or overpowering, just right. It's fun washing my hair with this shampoo.

Curly Wurly Shampoo
This shampoo defines curly hair but is good for all hair types. I have curly hair so I thought it would be perfect for me. The scent is lovely, not too strong and it lathers up great. My hair looked very different after using this, my curls looked more defined, even my mum said my hair looked different !


Celestial Moisturizer
I love the scent. I hate strong smelling scented stuff on my face, which it did not have so I love it ! I put some on for the day and it lasted through the whole day until I washed my face. It looks smooth but it kinda is thick but not too thick. You don't need alot, just a little bit or it'll feel like thick lotion all over your face. It's like MAC's Studio Sculpt Foundation where a little goes a long way, so I would say use only a tiny bit on your face.


Angels On Bare Skin
This cleanser is good for combination skin, that's what the lady at LUSH told me. I don't like the scent but it's not terrible where you can't stand it. Yes it is a strong scent, I would rather something not so strong. The texture of this cleanser is like play-doh (LITERALLY!) lol The scent is a bit hard to get off your face. I used it before going in the shower then washed my face...next I got into the shower and washed my face again. So finally I'm on my laptop laying in my bed and I still smell it on my face after all that washing ! I only used a tiny bit but the scent is strong and will last on your face so if you don't mind that then get this but if you do then don't get this.

Can be found at lush, it's free and has the whole catalog in it.
I always love the lush newsletters and so does my hubby ! He's addicted !

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