18 May 2010

Tina's Advice #1

♡ Relationship Advice ♡

I got an email from a subscriber of mine on youtube asking for advice. This is what he wrote me :

SimplyChasse from Youtube


Why do girls keep going after guys that treat them like shit, and end up feeling bad when they can't find a good guy only to go back to another guy that mistreats them. Why don't they learn to see the ones around them, also vice versa because it can happen both ways for girls to guys, and guys to girls


♡ Tina's Advice ♡

Good guys finish last..it really is true, most times in life a girl has to go through about 9 bad apples before that 1 good apple comes along and it goes both ways as you stated. For someone to realize how mistreated the guy or girl is being to them they have to meet a couple more that mistreats them before realizing they deserve better and the one they should of been with was in front of them all along.

I tried so many times to change this guy I dated but he made me feel so hurt, I wish I knew then what I know now. I wish I knew then to move on and know that I deserved better. I kept telling myself he wasn't hurting me and that it was actually me making him mistreat me cause I was doing something wrong but in fact I was doing fine in the relationship he just didn't appreciate me as much as he should of.

The same guy has claimed he's now changed and called me alot telling me he misses me and he never realized what a great young lady I was until he lost me. It's too late now, I would never put myself in a situation like that again.

Sometimes you can't tell someone to stop dating someone that's mistreating them, they have to find out for themselves because living and learning is what life is about.

I hope my advice helped you. ◕‿◕

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