12 June 2010

Prince of Persia / Splice


I love this movie ! Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy !

I loved the whole movie it was so exciting with all the action in it. I didn't like the Princess through the movie but at the end I began to like her. She was a lot of trouble to the Prince but at the end of the movie I realized why. If you haven't seen this yet it's a MUST SEE movie ! Best movie I've seen in awhile.

Photo Credit - Wikimedia
Another movie I saw before Prince of Persia was Splice. It wasn't as good as Prince of Persia but it was good enough to watch. The science experiment named Dren which is nerd spelled backwards was kinda cute as she grew older and there was a lot of nasty scenes in this movie like sex and vulgar words but overall it was good, I didn't like the ending and it could of been longer.

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