14 June 2010

Woodbury Common

So I went to Woodbury Common yesterday. It's a premium outlet where a bunch of different store outlets are. There shaped like houses and the scenery is really pretty plus it's super big ! I went with my sister from the army, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's sister. It was 4 of us, 3 females and 1 male...he felt tired since us ladies were dragging him around while shopping he even took a nap when we went into the Nine West store.

Besides that I saw some really cute stuff from cbtscloset. It's an online store that sells cute customized stuff like jewelry(necklaces,handmade jewelry and even cell phone charms). I wanna get this really cute necklace from this site.

This is also cute but I'm not a makeup whore lol I would prefer clothes/shoes over makeup any day.

I know I missed blogging yesterday but I've been super busy lately so yea. My sister is visiting me so I've been shopping a lot with her over the weekend plus I'm showing my other sister from Puerto Rico around the place. It's her first time leaving Puerto Rico so this is all new to her.

Day 34

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