13 August 2010

Bad Economic

In these bad economic times the best thing to do is make sure to keep your job and don't quit or try your best not to get fired. It's hard out there right now. Even people with degrees on top of degrees can't get jobs. I saw two business guys in ties and suits with a brief case applying for a restaurant job. That's how bad the economic is right now. Even college graduates applying for dishwasher jobs. There is nothing wrong with that but when you have a degree it's best to put it to good use but the good jobs aren't even available right now.

Due to all of this I've decided to start my own business so that's what I'm working on right now. I'm currently seeking employees and so far have gotten a lot of people interested. It's better to be the boss/owner of your own business than struggling to find that "perfect" job that doesn't even exist.

Day 73

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