28 August 2010

Salt / Mega Piranha / The Keeper / Cats & Dogs : The Revenge Of Kitty Galore / G.I. Joe

So I watched 4 awesome movies this month. My favorite out of all 3 is Salt. I love it ! I watched Salt, Mega Piranha, The Keeper and G.I. Joe. Here is my review for all 3 :


This was a good movie, the best out of the rest that I watched. It's a movie about a Russian Spy named Salt that's in America working, living a normal life but no one knows she's a spy. The movie has an interesting twist of events at the near end. It's exciting to watch and a nice plot.

Mega Piranha

This movie is so funny ! It has more comedy than scariness. The main actor of the movie is so sexy and strong. I love his abs ! My favorite part of the movie was when he was kicking the piranhas jumping out of the beach water. It was so funny !

Steven Segal, I love him ! He has this mysterious look to him which I like in a guy. Mysterious=sexy Overall this is a nice movie to watch.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010)
I had to watch this ! I'm an animal lover of course, my favorite animals are cats ! I watched this movie with  my kitty Lee next to me. I have a cat and dog so if you have any animals or love animals be sure to watch this movie. Also, Kat williams is in this movie, he spices it up and makes it funny with his squeaky annoying voice.

This movie was okay, jokes that Marlon wayans did was kinda corny but besides that the movie was great. It's worth a watch for the sexy main actor, Channing Tatum. Channing is always in a good movie. So if you like Dear John, Step Up movies, white chicks...etc and just a good movie, be sure to watch ! These actors together are awesome !

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