01 September 2010

I'm a Youtube Partner !

I became a Youtube Partner August 30, 2010 on a Monday. I'm so excited and thankful to all those who supported me. I received an email at 8 something last night from youtube letting me know that I am a partner now. My boyfriend was next to me, we were jumping in joy cause I've always wanted to become a partner and it finally happened ! Yay ! I already had some of my videos partnered but now my whole youtube is partnered so I'm very happy about that. I love youtube so much ! I joined to watch funny videos and music videos and etc but I never knew I would start making my own videos but I did. Although I haven't recorded a video in awhile I'm gonna get back into recording videos once I get a new camera or Mac Book Pro or iBook. My web cam now sucks and I don't have a tripod for my flip mino. I prefer to see myself while recording so I prefer a
web cam or laptop cam.

I'll probably make a makeup collection video or room tour soon since those are highly requested. I've just been super busy lately with school/work and my internet connection is not working so the connections I use now are slower than my regular fast connection that I'm use to.

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