02 September 2010


Just washed my hair AGAIN...without my hair wet it's hard to blow dry. I washed it yesterday but I didn't get the chance to blow dry since it's so hot in the day time so now that it's night I'm doing that now. Anyway besides my hair I have sprained ankle. My left ankle hurts really badly. My bf put a ice pack on it and massaged it for me. I have fallen 2 times this week. I walked to my backyard on the concrete but since the concrete had gotten so old it broke and my foot fell into it and also I was walking to the backyard again when I nearly fell over in anything, yet again I hurt my foot. The pain is so terrible ! I'm here waiting for my mum to bring home some stuff for my sprained ankle. She works at a hospital so she usually is able to bring home lots of different medical supplies.

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