08 September 2010

Good Pills that really work !

So I've come across some pills that I have used or someone else has used and have had results. Here are some I recommend :

1. TYLENOL - My favorite pill !!! I love this pill without a doubt, whenever I have a stomach ache or whatever type of ache this pill comes in handy. It's best to take one tablet then rest. It works best that way.

2. XYZAL - This is a multi-use pill which is really good but expensive I think. My mum told me it was expensive, she brought home sample sized ones she got at work(she works at a hospital). I've been using them ever since. I think you can get free samples on there website, it's worth a try !

3. PHENAZOPYRIDINE - This pill has the funniest side effect, it will make your urine turn orange ! I know someone who uses it and there urine came out orange, it's not a big deal though. It states on the box that your urine may come out looking like a reddish-orange color. This pill is multi-use and can be used for urinary pain, burning, urgency and frequency associated with urinary tract infections. Also it stains so it's best not to let it get on clothing or other items. This tablet is best tooken with or after meals. If you take it before eating you may have an upset stomach.

Other good pills are MIDOL and EXCEDRIN.

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