19 September 2010

Beaware of Flea and Tick Products

Do not buy flea and tick products without consulting with a veternarian first. My mum's dumb stupid iditioc boyfriend bought a pet product(I think they bought it together)Anyway they gave me and my bf the product to use on my dog Prince and I used it on both my cat and dog. Prince threw up (he vomitted and frotted) on my carpet plus he's having a hard time breathing. He keeps coughing and it seems he may throw up again. Me and my bf just now quickly gave him a bath and washed the product away. I'm about to try some home made remedies in hopes of hopefully having him feel better. The cat Lee is fine so far. He hasn't shown any signs of irritation from the product but I've already washed him off and first I sprayed both of them with alcohol before washing them so the alcohol would work as a disinfectant.

DO NOT buy products before consulting with a veternarian. It really is not worth your pet getting poisoned. I have never bought products before so my mum's stupid boyfriend(boy toy) is to blame.

The name of the product is Sergeant's Gold Fle & Tick Squeeze On for Dogs. Beaware of this product and any other flea and tick products. I called a animal poison control hotline and the company's emergency hotline who created this product. The company told me that this product shouldn't be used on pomeranians(my dog is a pomeranian). This is so dumb ! There should be warnings on the product box but there aren't really much of any nor instructions. Beaware ! It's better for your pet to be safe than sorry.

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  1. I'm sorry that dog had to endure that and you as well. Hope he feels better!