03 October 2010

My Day

So today went horribly wrong ! I got into an argument with my boyfriend so he left to another city(back where he was living before). I was wrong for throwing out his stuff through my window(personal documents & etc) but he was also in the wrong to just take off and leave. I spoke with him tonight when he called me, I cried and right now I'm frustrated. My phone fell off my bed and shut off so I turned it on and received a voicemail. I checked my voicemail and to my surprise I have a message from my boyfriend letting me know he's coming back. He doesn't know when but soon. I'm so happy ! This day was such a mess but I pray for a better tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow. I didn't mean to throw out his stuff, it was just my anger at the moment but I'm over it. I want a more peaceful and calm relationship so when he comes back to me we're gonna have a long talk about things cause I can't take the arguing anymore. I really just want us to get along.

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