07 December 2010

Cassie's Hair Cut

Singer/Model Cassie Ventura's side hair cut is bad ass ! I cut the side of my hair a couple weeks ago and it grew back so fast, I'm now in need of another hair cut, when I do it again I'll show you all ! I will post photos this time ! I loved it but hated it at the same time. I didn't cut the side of my hair too low though like Cassie's.

I did it similar like Lala Vasquez's side haircut.

And my haircut also looked similar to Rihanna's side fade/hair cut.

I will admit though I was so afraid but wanted to do it to experiment since I hadn't cut my hair in 4 or 5 years and I liked the style for quite sometime. As my personal hair stylist was cutting my hair I kept saying " cut a little more " every time he would cut my hair. He loves my hair so he didn't wanna cut any, he actually wanted to style it instead. He's a hair stylist / barber.

Anyway doe (Kat Stacks voice)

See you all in the next post ! ** Loves & Kisses **

Who's hair cut looks better ?



  1. I love the side-shaven 'dos on other people but my hair wouldn't hold up to any of that. I'd look terrible.