12 December 2010

How To : Earn Money Online

So I've been using this thing called the internet for so many years now and I've learned many different ways to earn money online. There will be scam sites which will tell you how to make quick, easy money, fast ! But there is no such thing ! It's not easy earning money online, it does get easier once you find out how to and it takes a bit of work especially if your just starting out. Listed below are a couple different ways you can earn money online, my tips may be helpful to you if your interested in earning money online.

Google Adsense
This is one of the best money earners I've seen so far. You can use Google Adsense to earn renevue from many different websites online such as creating a blog, website, becoming a youtube partner and so much more ! Google Adsense offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Create a WEBSITE or BLOG
Create a website/blog about a topic that interests you. DO NOT create a site to earn money if you don't enjoy writing about the topic. That will just be a waste of time and you will most likely loose interest in writing about a topic that dosen't interest you. Love what your writing about and eventually the money will grow but if you don't love what your writing about chances are not many people will want to read it and get turned away from your site. As your website traffic grows you'll become more elated.
Now Google Adsense does take a percentage of the money you earn through them for the ads so if your interested in other ways to earn money for yourself without sharing, there listed below.

Charge Companies to ADVERTISE
Charge online companies/online businesses to post there ads on your site. The best thing is to find a small business just starting out that needs that extra push, contact them and see if they might want to advertise on your site. Now to advertise you can charge by linking there website with a text link or a banner that they may have from there site. You can charge whatever you like but be reasonable so it can be fair for you and the company. Charging monthly is best or make it long term and give them a 3 or 6 month monthly deal.

Sponsorship for Money and Free Items/Products from Companies
Sponsorship is another great way to earn money/free products. To receive products from companies some may like your site and contact you but if your eager to find one right away then search and see which companies online are offering products for a review in return or some companies may even offer money as another option or if your lucky some companies will give you both money and free products from there website. But beaware of people not liking you anymore for advertising BAD PRODUCTS, beaware of BAD COMPANIES who have bad reviews regarding there products/items or just the company overall. You don't want to be associated with a company who has a bad reputation for there products.

Example : A company is selling a product that says it will make pimples disappear BUT it makes pimples get even bigger and irritate the skin.

That would have your readers/viewers thinking your just in it for the money and/or free products and don't care about anything else. DO NOT do this, research a company before making any agreement with them. If your presented with a contract read it throughly before signing anything.

Sell Online
This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can sell anything ! If you have many items you may wanna create a shop/online store for it or a different section on your website/blog. Make sure to state your shipping terms/policies/payments accepted & etc. When selling online respond to customers as much as you can, a satisfied customer is a happy customer and a happy customer may want to shop at your store again. Try your best not to get too many negative reviews, stay in the positive and/or neutral section.

My last tip : Get your own business cards ! When I never had any I had a phone store owner named Fred ask for a business card from me to contact me regarding his service from me to design his website. He gave me his business card and I had none to exchange in return. I felt awkward in a way because I had been planning to get one and never got around to it. I now have business cards now so I don't mind. There very useful for anyone, you can give them out to people randomly sometimes or if someone asks for one.

If you have any tips/other ways to earn money online that you'd like me to add to this post comment below or go to the CONTACT page and fill out the form.

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