12 December 2010

Tag Game

I was just checking my youtube subscriptions and saw that my friend lambarini had created a tag game(the video is below my answers if you wanna do the tag too) so here are my answers :

1. What pets do you have ?
    I have two pets, a Mixed cat & a Pomeranian dog. There both males.

2. Where would you find a unicorn breeder ?
    In fairy land or unicorn land I guess..Lol..

3. If you could live in anywhere in the world where would it be ?
    In Jamaica. I love hot countries and towns. I despise the cold, hate snow I got frost burn because of playing in the snow when I was younger. I've hated it since.

4. Are you married ?
    Not as yet legally but I am in a relationship that feels like marriage. Marriage is just a paper to sign anyway..haha..

5. If you could have 3 wishes what would they be and why ?
    My first wish would be MONEY(of course cause you can't live, eat or go anywhere/travel without money). My second wish would be World Peace(my sister is in the army so I hate having to see her go to Iraq and risk her life over a war that the government created). There's too much curruption in the world so world peace would definitely help life be better for everyone. My third wish would be to have many different big businesses so I can help people in the world who are less fortunate. All my businesses would somehow in a way connect to money/charity or giving back free items to those who need it. Life is not about getting everything you want but giving to make someone else smile also. If you have it good why not help someone else ?

6. What made you start youtube ?
    I started youtube because I wanted to fav. my fav. videos from my fav. youtubers to watch. I would always go on youtube to watch music videos. I then created my first video which was a dancing video of me shaking my tush. After that I found beauty gurus fafinette and queenofblending who both inspired me to start creating videos, especially fafinette. She had a nice personality and loved to talk about makeup/beauty/fashion which I love ! I finally found a place where I could make videos talking about the thing I loved. After that I found vloggers and some were funny so of course I started getting into the whole youtube thing, I made partner(which I had no idea you could make a profit from youtube's google adsense). I've been online creating websites and blogging way before youtube though. I'm so happy I overcame my shyness(well kinda) to do videos. I'm still kinda shy but I'll overcome it eventually.

This was a fun tag ! Great job lambi ! Watch her video below. I would of made a video but I am in a different town right now getting settled in for my new job so I'm super busy. Anyway check the video out ! Leave a response in the comments if you wanna do the tag too, just leave your answers below. I would love to read them ! Or leave a video response on lambi's youtube video.

lambarini's video - TAG GAME in the SNOOOOW!!
Check out her youtube and subscribe ! Funny gal !

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