11 December 2010


So I'm here in a different town/county, finally moved. I moved because of a job, a job offer so it's for a good reason but I am home sick. I miss my home already but I have found a kitty cat here at my boyfriend's place that I like. I have a a cat and a Pomeranian at home so this cat here makes me feel at home since I've always had pets. When I'm alone they make me feel not so lonely. Anyway enough about my animal craze.....

I just woke up and now getting ready to head out to some job interviews today. I hope they like me since I came so far for the job offer, this is my first time doing this so I was a bit reluctant but my boyfriend encouraged me. My previous position was a Office/Personal Assistant for a Doctor/Computer Designing Company Owner from Europe. When working with my last boss he would keep me working late but paid me very high so I didn't mind. My job was pretty easy, less than difficult and he made me feel comfortable and he actually paid me on the spot the day I went in for an interview so I have hopes for these job offers that I'm going to today.

The cute mixed kitty, I wanna take her home. Her name is Princess. She's kinda frisky but friendly. Her daddy spoiled her that's why. Her tummy looks fat but not like a fat cat, like a cat that's getting fat.

There's also a dog here. His name is Tiger. I don't really like him much. He needs more home training, he peeded right on the carpet and he likes to whimper a lot if he's in his cage and dosen't get the attention needed.

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