18 December 2010

Winner of SupaxKawaii Giveaway by Apothica

* drum roll * The winner is for my Apothica giveaway is...............

  1. shala_darkstone
I used random.org's List Randomizer to pick the winner, I generated the list 12 times since 12 people entered. The first time it picked shala_darkstone and the 12th and final time it picked shala_darkstone...wow ! What luck !

So shala_darkstone is the winner of the $50 Gift Card which can be used on Apothica.com, SkinCareRX.com, and SkinBotanica.com, you can use the gift card to purchase items from all 3 websites since these are all partnered websites. I hope you love your gift card !

NOTE : If I don't receive a response from the winner in 24 hours the winner will be re-picked.

The 12th and final time I used the list randomizer these were the results :
  1. shala_darkstone
  2. qweeen_shawtyy
  3. quanichic
  4. anna
  5. elena
  6. kimitoxxxic
  7. tzel
  8. socorosis
  9. daseana
  10. agueda
  11. louisianadiva39
  12. kimmie

Thanks to everyone who entered ! More giveaways coming soon, since it's the holidays I may just have another giveaway on Monday !

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