19 January 2011

Haul : Beauty Products, Mannequin & Shick Quatros

Hi everyone ! So I have a little haul for you, I bought/was sent some stuff I wanted to share with you.

My favorite Stila Palette ! Love it !

If anyone is interested I am selling this palette. I don't really like the colors. Just go to my CONTACT page & fill out the form so I'll know your interested in purchasing this palette.

My first concealer ! I've finally started using concealer, before I use to just double my foundation under my eyes cause I really didn't need concealer since I use Bruise Relief which eliminates dark circles.

My first primer !

This lipstick is so beautiful ! The packaging is so unique !

Free Samples, my bf wants to try these out but I won't let him..lol.

I used my Amazon Gift Card to order this mannequin, now I'm probably gonna use it to buy a new digital camera also. I just don't know which camera to get. These photos were tooken with the Flip Mino.
My reason for getting this is for my new online store opening soon http://shopfashun.com

I don't really have a review yet for this but I can say it works really good and doesn't irritate my skin, it's a trimmer/shaver for any areas on your body even sensitive areas like your bikini area. I bought this at Rite-Aid with my wellness+ card so I received a second one for FREE ! That's the only reason I bought it..lol..but also cause I never had a trimmer before so I thought this would be better than using a razor. I won't say anything else about this, I'll post up a review after I've used it for awhile.
I left one new in the package since I might sell it on my ebay store.

The beauty products were sponsored by apothica.com. The mannequin was purchased from an Amazon Gift Card, sent to me for my birthday as a gift from my sister Tara in the army. Love you sis ! The Shick Quatros were purchased by me.

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