17 January 2011

4 Wisdom Teeth

I am so scared ! I found out today that I have 4 wisdom teeth, my dentist was shocked and so was I. I will now have to see a oral surgeon. This is terrible beyond words, I'm scared out of my freakkin mind because I can't take that much pain in my mouth. The worst part is my dentist said all 4 wisdom teeth would have to be removed at once. I'm fine with getting an injection in my mouth or my teeth being drilled or whatever but removing my teeth is something that will be very difficult for me. I hate thinking about it but if I don't get it done then my straight teeth will eventually get crooked and messed up from the wisdom teeth growing in. This sucks ! My dentist told me he recently grow another wisdom tooth out of nowhere he thought it was over for him but another grew in recently. If you had any experiences with your wisdom tooth/teeth let me know in the comments.

Wish me luck !

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