12 January 2011

Ted Williams the man with the " Golden Voice "

Ted Williams....the man with the " golden voice "

So yesterday I watched a video of Ted Williams the man with the golden voice ! His voice is deep and sounds so unique ! It's good for radio, broadcaster & so much more ! It just sounds so professional and sophisticated. Here's the video of Ted when he was homeless and this guy found him.

Ted is now signed with Kraft to be the voice of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, so much success for this guy; he went from homeless to being the guy everyone wants.

This is Ted meeting his mother who he hasn't seen in 20 years, this video is so touching.

My opinions on Ted
- he looks like Obama
- he looks like Obama a lot with his hair cut
- he may be related to Obama, Ted has a white mother also
- his face is shaped like Obama
- he has the same body type as Obama
- he's a very smart man just got caught up with drugs & alcohol

Ted Williams is now 2 and a half years clean from drugs. I'm very proud of this man and his touching story, he made me feel a happiness for him in my heart. Congratulations to Ted, may the good lord bring him all the success he deserves ! Go on Mr. Golden Voice !

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