26 January 2011

Review : 120 Palette

Hi everyone ! Today I found my 120 palette recently when I looked through my closet. I have so much junk
in my closet so I'm not surprised I couldn't find it. Well anyway now that I have it back, here's my review on it.

Click this photo for a larger image to view the beautiful colors !

First off the colors are lovely ! Very vibrant and true to color except the darker/neutral colors are less chalky than the other colors. Some of the bright colors are kinda chalky meaning when your applying them you have to apply a good amount of that color for it to be vibrant. For example the blue on the last row to the left is very vibrant and true to color but the lighter blues you would have to re-apply to get that vibrant look. All the neutral/darker colors are great though, my favorite is the black and brown on the last row of this palette. The black reminds me of MAC Carbon E/S.
When I first received my item, it was packaged very well along with other BH Cosmetics products, nothing was broken, everything was in NEW - PERFECT CONDITION. If your thinking to buy your first eyeshadow palette I would say buy it from this company, there really nice and replies quickly if you have any questions regarding your order. Even my mum wants this palette, she wants all the makeup I have ! Lol.

To order this palette or even a different palette check out www.bhcosmetics.com.
They have a wide variety of other makeup products besides just palettes, now they even have primers for your eye/face.

This post was sponsored by BH Cosmetics.

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