06 February 2011

My New Digital Camera Kodak Easyshare V530

Hi everyone ! Haven't blogged in awhile, I've missed it so much but I'm back ! I have a new digital camera and a haul from China.

Kodak Easyshare V530 Digital Camera

This camera takes pictures really well especially in the dark. I'm actually using a Kodak Easyshare MD41 to take all the photos in this blog post so if you plan to get a new camera try Kodak Easyshare cameras.
I'm selling my Kodak Easyshare MD41 so if you're interested head over to the CONTACT page to contact me.

I received items from a company in China. I will be testing them out first before I give a video/blog review on them. I've used the teeth whitener products already that's why it looks so used. I quicky tested it out with my bf, after a couple weeks I'll start doing a review on everything.

I received all these items at the end of January, I wanted to make a post when I got them but I've been so busy with life but no more excuses I'll try my best to blog more. I know a lot of you girls would like a blog post on how to maintain curly hair so my next post up will be about that. I had already pre-written it since last month but never got around to posting it up so look out for that.

Thanks for reading ! Make sure to leave comments and REQUEST anything you want me to write about.
If you'd like to be a Guest Blogger head on over to the CONTACT page and let me know.

This post was sponsored except for the Kodak Easyshare V530 Digital Camera which I purchased with the Amazon Gift Card my sister in the army/military sent me and some of my own money.

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