02 January 2011

Review | Bruise Relief | Lighten Skin & Dark Circles Remover

Happy New Year !
I just wanted to let you gals/guys in on something I've been using for quite awhile now. I wanted to share with you what I like to use to remove bruises or under eye/dark circles. I received this product for free, a sample of it. I tried it out and loved it ! My mother actually bought it after I recommended it to her. She uses it often !

This product is very soothing to the skin. These are my tips after using it :

- best applied before sleeping at night
- don't leave the product open for long periods of time cause it will leave a permanent bad smell to the product
- if you have a really bad bruise dark spot or really dark under eye circles use a good amount but not too much, it's kinda thick but not terribly thick...it eventually sinks into your skin
- if your gonna use it often on your body then consider buying more than one
- this product worked quickly for me, you should eventually see results in a couple days or more depending on how many different areas your applying it to
- my last tip.....store in a cool temperature area, this product can turn from gel to liquid if your room/bathroom or wherever is too hot, if it turns into liquid it will be of no use again(it will smell bad and be really watery)

OVERALL I would say this is a product worth buying, it has many uses and can be used for people of all ages. It states on the container that it can be used for bruises on the body & face, dark circles/under eyes, post cosmetic procedures and fragile skin of elderly.

So that's all for now, that's my review on Bruise Relief ! It can be found online or at your local drugstore. I would of let you all know where to get free samples but unfortunately there is none left.


  1. Love your blog post, I am going to try it, and your blog.

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