08 January 2011

Tina's Birthday

I had such an an awesome birthday ! My birthday is January.7.
I received money & clothes as gifts, then went to Apple bee's last night(got a surprise birthday singing & treat from them) then this morning I received a $75 Amazon Gift Card from my sister who is stationed in Afghanistan right now. I miss and love her ! I didn't ask for anything for my birthday so I'm surprised for everything. I never made a post about Christmas but for Christmas I received money, clothes, fragrance sets & etc...I loved everything I got ! I enjoyed the holidays and my birthday so much ! I have photos of everything below..enjoy ! :)

My very yummy cake made out of oreo cookies ! I'm such a chocolate lover !

My fav. Gift, my Amazon Gift Card from my sister in the army.

Photos from Applebee's

This burger was awesome ! It made me so full ! The price was super expensive though...lol..but that's Applebee's for ya.

I couldn't include everything I got but those were my favs. & special moments....I enjoyed my birthday, I really did ! I'm thankful for everything ! Thank you to everyone who made this possible !


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great birthday!!