18 February 2011

My New Business Ventures

Hey everyone ! Haven't blogged in awhile so I thought I'd start again. I keep slacking off, been so busy. Sorry for that but I'll be back updating regularly and posting videos on my youtube again.
Anyway, I have good news to tell you all, 2 days ago I spoke with a business man who owns a store that sells pretty much everything from clothing to hardware. We partnered up today and now we're business partners ! My bf actually spoke with him before me and he had asked my bf if he could sell the stuff in his store online for him so my bf let him know that we're already doing that with our own products. I finally got to meet him yesterday and now I will be selling his items on ebay for him.
Ebay has been working out really great for me, I've been selling so fast and have so much positive feedback already. Also, I've decided to open up a store on ebay so I can sell tons more of my items plus this guy's items from his store. I was in his store taking photos of everything that I want to sell and still have a lot more photos to take. We set up a white background so it will look very professional. He let me know that he'll email me over thousands of product photos that he has already taken so it would be easier for me. Yay ! I'm so excited.
Now if everything works out just right then we will be expanding the store and we will be opening an even larger store so we can expand and have more business. We've talked about all the ideas we have and all these stuff, this makes me so happy right now.
We have not yet signed any contract as yet but will soon. This will be so much fun for me !
Also, I have other news I'd like to blog about but since I'm not ready to let you all know until it's confirmed and almost going to happen, you will just have to wait.
My site http://www.shopfashun.com I will be re-vamping that site, I'm not quite finish with building it as yet, I'm not satisfied with the features on it so I will probably be switching over to another site to offer more features for members to join/sign up and it will be easier for me to list items instead of having to individually code everything in html through paypal.
So much to do and I have school and work. This is so much for me but it's better I'm doing something than nothing.
Wish me luck on my new business ventures !

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